Love is…..

„Dragostea este singurul mod in care putem cuprinde o alta fiinta umana in nucleul cel mai launtric al personalitatii sale. Nimeni nu poate deveni pe deplin constient de esenta unei alte fiinte omenesti daca nu o iubeste. Dragostea ne face in stare sa vedem trasaturile si caracteristicile esentiale ale persoanei iubite; ba mai mult, vedem potentialul din persoana iubita care nu este inca actualizat. Mai mult, prin dragostea sa, cel care iubeste ii permite persoanei iubite sa isi actualizeze potentialul. Facandu-l pe cel iubit constient de ceea ce poate fi si deveni, el face ca aceste potentialitati sa devina realitate.” (Victor Frankl, Omul in cautarea sensului vietii)

PS restul e posesie, capriciu, nevroza, obsesie sau ce mai vreti voi….

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sambata cu ploaie

Din cand in cand Roma devine prietenoasa. Ca astazi, cand strazile erau atat de goale de-am putut sa traversez mereu pe rosu. Cand ploua incet si cald, ca sarutarile tale dintr-o alta sambata de care imi e dor.

M-am bucurat de doua flori nebune iesite cine stie cum din asfalt.

Nu stiu de ce, dar m-am gandit ca daca ele au reusit, cumva si eu voi razbi la lumina. In definitiv nu mi-a mai ramas chiar atat de mult de asteptat… doar dorul asta care-mi frange din cand in cand sufletul ma innebuneste. Atunci simt ca doar bratele tale mi-ar putea alina sfarseala.

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cantec de sambata

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lover’s day

cu multumiri adanci Rhettei Marx, ca fara ea nu-l aflam. si-acum voi face un nesimtit copy/paste (cu modificare), ca-i prea frumos si pe masura:

Oh but the longing is terrible,
A wonton heart under attack.
I wanna love you,
All the way off,
I wanna break your back.
Colour of all that’s hysterical
Travels along your bones.
Just to be near you, sucking your skin,
Not gonna leave you alone.
Yes here of course there are miracles,
A lover that loves that’s one.
Groomed with the laughter,
Ecstatic disaster,
Come let’s arouse the fun!
We could build an engine
Out of all your rising stars.
Tear apart the apart,
We seem to think we are.
Call off work, let’s lay!
Call it Lover’s Day!
Call it Lover’s Day!
Give me the keys to your hiding place,
I’m not gonna tear it apart.
I’m gonna keep you weak in the knees,
Try to unlock your heart.
You’re gonna turn me animal,
You’re gonna turn me dumb.
Your kiss in the night,
Bringing the light,
You’re like the rising sun.
I hunger for you like a cannibal,
I’m not gonna let you run.
I’m gonna take you,
I’m gonna shake you,
I’m gonna make you cum.
Swear to god it will get so hot,
It’ll melt our faces off.
Then we can see,
The you, the me,
Beyond mirrors outside clock.
Held naked in the light,
Held gently,
Held tight,
So soft!
Get off!
Get off!
Ball so hard,
We’ll smash the walls
And break the bed
And crash the floors,
Don’t stop! Laugh and scream!
And have the neighbors call the cops!
’till all the eyes that they’ve seen our fire play!!
Can’t forget,
Mark it down,
Call it Lover’s Day!!
Yes here of course there are miracles.
Under your sighs and moans.   (Under my sights and moans

I’m gonna take you,                      you’ll gonna take me

I’m gonna take you home.          you’ll gonna take me home)

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